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Why Choose Our Unarmed Guard Services?

When you pick our unarmed guard services, you’re getting a reliable way to make your place safer. We’re really good at keeping things secure, and we do it professionally. We make sure to do things the way you want. Our unarmed guards aren’t just people who keep watch. They’re like protectors for your peace of mind. They know how to keep things safe, and they stop problems before they get big.

What makes us special is that we’re very professional. Our guards are trained to be polite and aware, making your place feel safe and nice. Whether it’s your business or a special event, our unarmed guards are there to keep an eye out for trouble and make you feel safe. When you choose our unarmed guard services, you’re getting a full package of security. We listen to what you need, figure out what’s best for you, and make a plan to keep things safe. Our track record of successful security and happy customers shows that we’re really good at what we do.

So, if you want to feel safe and secure, choose our unarmed guard services. We’re here to make your place safe and give you peace of mind. It’s a smart move for your safety!

Our Approach to Unarmed Security

At Unarmed Guard, we’re all about making sure you’re safe. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all security. Instead, we customize our protection to fit your needs.

When you hire us for security, we take the time to understand what makes your place special. Whether it’s a home, a business, or an event, we look at what could go wrong and how to stop it.

Our security team is well-trained. They don’t just react when something bad happens; they also work to prevent problems. They keep an eye out, control who comes in, and make sure bad stuff doesn’t happen.

We also like talking and working with you. You’re not just a customer; you’re a partner in keeping things safe. We listen to what you say and make our security better based on your feedback.

No matter if it’s guarding a neighborhood, an office, or a big gathering, our goal is to keep you safe. We take your safety very seriously, and we do our job really well to make sure you’re protected.

Benefits of Unarmed Security Personnel

When you want to make sure your stuff and the people around are safe, unarmed security guards can be really helpful. They don’t carry weapons, and they can help create a safe and calm place. Here’s why picking unarmed guards is a smart choice for your safety:

Comprehensive Unarmed Guard Solutions

Our Comprehensive Unarmed Guard Solutions are all about making things safe without using weapons. We have well-trained guards who are really good at watching, solving problems, and responding to emergencies. They are there to show that we’re keeping an eye on things and to stop any troublemakers, so you can feel safe. They can do things like walk around your property, watch who comes in, and help manage crowds. We’ll make a security plan just for you, so you can feel relaxed and safe in your home or business.

Customizing Security for Your Needs

In this part, you can explain how you make sure to really understand what your clients need and what problems they might face. This helps you create a security plan that works best for them. Some things to consider might be:


We're really good at making security plans that fit you perfectly. We create protection plans that work well and match what you like.


We check for weaknesses and create a special plan to keep you safe and worry-free.


Join forces with us to create a security plan just for you. We'll use your ideas and our knowledge to make sure you're safe and feel at ease.

Custom Solutions

We make personalized security plans that use both trained guards without weapons and advanced technology to fit exactly what you need to stay safe.


Our guards without weapons can change and adapt to your security needs to keep you safe as things change.


Keep yourself safe with our services that can easily change to fit what you need. This way, we make sure you stay protected no matter what happens.

Unarmed Guard Training and Expertise

At Unarmed Guard, we know that to provide good security, our guards need to be well-trained and knowledgeable. We take security seriously and make sure our unarmed guards receive thorough training. This training gives them the skills and knowledge they need to keep your place safe.

Training Excellence

We choose our guards carefully. They have to be really committed and honest. But we also look for people who can become great security experts. After we pick them, we teach them a lot of important things. Like how to solve problems without fighting, how to talk to people well, and how to handle emergencies. Our training helps them be ready for any security situation and act professionally.

Continuous Improvement

The way we keep things safe changes, and our training for the people who protect you changes too. We make sure we know all the newest ways to keep things secure. We give our guards extra training and keep teaching them new things so they can always do their job really well and keep you safe.

Customer-Centric Approach

We think that having good security doesn’t just stop bad things from happening, but it also makes everyone feel happy and safe. Our guards aren’t just watchful, they’re also friendly and nice. They like talking to people and making them feel good. So, when they’re around, your employees, customers, and visitors will feel safe and happy.

Expertise in Action

Our unarmed guards are not just trained on paper; they have practical experience in different places. They can look at a situation and make smart decisions fast. When needed, they can take action without hesitation. They are good at doing things like controlling who goes where, patrolling to keep things safe, and making people feel secure. They can adjust to what each client needs.

Professionalism of Our Unarmed Guard

Our security guards are great at what they do. We choose them carefully and train them really well to be very professional. They not only know how to keep things safe but also act responsibly and honestly.

They do a lot of things like watching over things, being friendly to people, and handling problems if they come up. They’re good at working in different places and situations, and they’re always polite and friendly.

unarmed security guard

Their appearance, behavior, and actions show how much they care about keeping you safe. We believe that their professionalism makes our clients trust us more and improves the quality of our security services. Our guards demonstrate that we are serious about protecting your belongings, and that’s why people have confidence in us.

Client Testimonials

"We've been working with Unarmed Guard for over a year now, and their unarmed guard services have exceeded our expectations. The guards are not only highly trained but also incredibly approachable. Their presence alone has made our employees and visitors feel safer, and their professionalism is truly commendable."
Raymond R. Mitchell
"After trying different security solutions, we found Unarmed Guard and their unarmed guard services to be a perfect fit for our needs. The guards are well-prepared and have a great understanding of our facility layout. They quickly responded to a minor security incident, preventing it from escalating. We highly recommend their services!"
Stephen M. Toth

Getting Started with Our Unarmed Guard Services

Getting started with our unarmed guard services is a straightforward process designed to ensure your security needs are met efficiently and effectively. Our priority is to provide you with a seamless experience from the moment you reach out to us. Once you make the decision to enhance your security, our dedicated team will guide you through a personalized consultation. During this consultation, we take the time to understand your specific requirements, assess your premises, and identify potential security vulnerabilities.

After gathering essential insights, we’ll tailor a comprehensive security solution that aligns with your unique needs. Whether you require unarmed guard for a corporate office, residential community, event, or any other setting, our experienced professionals are trained to provide the highest level of protection while maintaining a professional and approachable demeanor.

Once the customized plan is finalized and approved by you, we swiftly deploy our skilled unarmed security personnel to your location. Our guards are equipped not only with the necessary training but also with a deep commitment to safeguarding your premises and ensuring your peace of mind. Throughout our engagement, we remain in constant communication, ready to adapt to any evolving circumstances or additional requirements.

Choosing our unarmed guard services means selecting a partner dedicated to your safety and security. We’re here to provide a robust layer of protection that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to take the first step in fortifying your premises with our specialized unarmed guard services

Frequently Asked Questions

Unarmed guard services involve deploying trained security personnel to your premises or event without the use of firearms. They provide a visible security presence, deter potential threats, and assist in maintaining order. Unlike armed security, unarmed guards do not carry firearms, focusing on observation, communication, and prevention.

Unarmed guard services are versatile and suitable for a wide range of settings, including residential communities, corporate offices, retail stores, construction sites, schools, special events, and more. They’re beneficial whenever a visible security presence is needed to ensure safety and deter unauthorized activities.

Yes, our unarmed guards undergo comprehensive training that includes emergency response protocols, first aid, conflict resolution, and effective communication. They are trained to assess and handle various situations, ensuring a prompt and appropriate response in case of emergencies or security breaches.

Our unarmed guard are carefully selected based on their experience, professionalism, and aptitude for security work. They often have relevant certifications in security training, first aid, and customer service. Our recruitment process ensures that only qualified and reliable individuals become part of our team.

When you reach out to us, we’ll start with a consultation to understand your security needs. After assessing your requirements and premises, we’ll create a customized security plan for your specific situation. Once you approve the plan, our unarmed guards will be deployed to provide the agreed-upon services.

Absolutely. Our unarmed guard are provided with appropriate uniforms that can be tailored to match the setting or event they are guarding. This ensures a professional appearance that aligns with the environment they are safeguarding.

Our unarmed guard undergo rigorous training, background checks, and continuous evaluation to ensure their professionalism and reliability. They are trained to adhere to strict codes of conduct, prioritize customer service, and maintain a vigilant and approachable demeanor.

Unarmed guard are primarily focused on observation, prevention, and communication. They don’t have the authority to enforce rules or detain individuals in the same way as law enforcement. However, they can alert appropriate authorities if a situation requires intervention.

We understand that every client has unique security requirements. During our consultation, we gather information about your needs, concerns, and premises. Based on this information, we design a tailored security solution that addresses your specific challenges and objectives.

The cost of our unarmed guard services can vary depending on factors such as the number of guards required, the duration of service, and the complexity of the security needs. We provide transparent and competitive pricing, and our team will work with you to create a plan that fits your budget while ensuring the necessary level of security.